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A thought of mind


A “thought of mind” typically refers to an idea, concept, or mental process that occurs within an individual’s consciousness.

A thought of mind

Me getting board.

So I am telling you all.

What to do, What to stop,

What make people silent at all?

No thought in mind.

No words on mouth,

No focus and mentally out.

Don’t know what to do,

And what to execute.

The way that makes,

Simple life tender flew.

Want to ponder,

But exhausted.

Want to be unique?

But can’t do a single thing.


execute: To Carry Out

tender flew: gentleness  have gone

ponder: thinking

Here’s a little description of a “thought of mind”:

A thought of mind is an intangible and internal cognitive event that encompasses a wide range of mental activities. It is a mental construct that can take various forms, such as:

  1. Ideas: Thoughts often begin as abstract ideas, whether they are simple or complex. These ideas can be related to anything, from everyday tasks to profound philosophical concepts.
  2. Images: Some thoughts manifest as mental images, allowing individuals to visualize situations, objects, or people in their mind’s eye. This can be particularly vivid during creative or imaginative thinking.
  3. Words and Language: Thoughts can be expressed through inner dialogue or mental language. People often think in words or sentences, especially when problem-solving or making decisions.
  4. Emotions and Feelings: Thoughts are closely linked to emotions and feelings. A thought can trigger various emotional responses, and emotions, in turn, can influence thoughts.
  5. Memories: Thoughts can bring up memories of past experiences, events, or people. These memories can be triggered by external stimuli or arise spontaneously.
  6. Problem-Solving: Many thoughts involve the process of problem-solving. People think through challenges, plan actions, and make decisions in their mind.
  7. Abstract Concepts: Complex thoughts can involve abstract concepts and ideas that require deeper reflection and contemplation.
  8. Intuition: Sometimes, thoughts appear as intuitive hunches or gut feelings, guiding individuals in decision-making without clear, logical reasoning.

Thoughts can be fleeting or persistent, and they can change rapidly as the mind processes information and reacts to stimuli from the environment. The inner workings of the mind and the nature of thoughts are central topics in psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy, as they play a fundamental role in human consciousness and behavior.

Paragraph that follow my poem about “A Thought Of Mind”

A thought of mind is the silent whisper of the soul, an ephemeral spark of consciousness that dances through the vast expanse of our inner universe. It is the architect of our dreams and the navigator of our reality, weaving the tapestry of our existence with threads of ideas, emotions, and memories. Within the confines of our thoughts, we discover the boundless potential of human cognition, a realm where creativity, curiosity, and contemplation converge. As we traverse the labyrinthine corridors of our minds, let us cherish each thought as a fleeting treasure, for in the symphony of our thoughts, we find the symphony of ourselves, echoing through the tapestries of time and memory.

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