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Affluencive journey

Embark on a poetic odyssey through the realm of ‘Affluencive Journey,’ where words become vessels sailing through the currents of prosperity and abundance. This literary voyage delves into the intricate interplay between affluence and the journey of life, unveiling the hidden treasures of wealth and well-being that go beyond material gains. With verses that glisten like gems, the poem explores the pathways of success, the tapestries of dreams woven with determination, and the landscapes of achievement that unfold along the way. ‘Affluencive Journey’ invites readers to explore the depths of their aspirations and the riches that lie within the expedition of growth and fulfillment.



Will I ever be free?

from the grandeur I see.

Thinking hard to forget luxury,

but somehow trapped in its mystery.

Single words that tears people apart,

Is it just money showing off its art?

Diaphanous dress that people wore

was an example of our opulence lore.

want to be successful?

so may life be quiet and peaceful.

But the journey being a little emotionless,

which made my sacrifices baseless.

However, friends showed me happiness,

This is how I understand richness.

Yet tired of thinking so hard,

While life is a piece of card.

so I started loving myself,

as it’s time to get off own shelf.


AFFLUENCIVE refers to a state of abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

GRANDEUR  is impressive splendor or majesty.

DIAPHANOUS is lightweight, delicate.

OPULENCE is extreme wealth, luxury.

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